Pierre Reynolds is on fire with releases recently and ‘Without You’ is certainly no exception. This remix of Sal Negro and Elle’s ‘Without You’ offers a tribal feel whilst incorporating jazzy chords and flute-sounding elements. It wouldn’t be a classic Pierre Reynolds tune without throwing in some soulful vocals and adlibs either, the complex percussions lead to an elegant breakdown before getting back into the groove. Pierre has created 7 minutes of pure heaven with this track.


Pierre Reynolds has had some exceptional releases back in 2018 such as his ‘Anima EP’ and collaboration with Bruce Bailey on the ‘DC to Detroit EP’ both proving to be very popular among dedicated House fans.


With 20 years experience under his belt, his innovative and refreshing take on House music is yet to be beaten. Pierre is constantly evolving as an artist and always adds an innovative take on his music by including unconventional instruments in his work, every release is a pleasure to listen to.


‘Without You’ is out now on Ayize Songaa Recordings.


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