Today, GRiZ released the fourth single “A New Day (feat. Matisyahu)” from his forthcoming LP Ride Waves. The track was written days after last year’s tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, and is a result of the two artists having nothing else on their minds besides the horrible event that had just occurred. As a response, the two pooled their artistic intellect to produce a ‘A New Day’ as their cry to end this senseless gun violence.

While “A New Day” is indeed an ad-hoc meeting of worlds, its sonic quality, and lyrical nature fall seamlessly into the musical styles that both artists possess. Matisyahu’s uplifting lyrics and emotive melodies fly high while GRiZ’s production stands strong at its core. This is their conversational input delivered through their creative medium and reach.

In Matisyahu’s own words:
“The song kind of wrote itself and it came at a time when this was obviously what was going on around us and in our consciousness. When we walked into the studio we knew we wanted to make a meaningful song but we didn’t walk in there with this specific intention (addressing gun violence). But that’s what ended up coming out. When we came into that artistic place where we were like “let’s open up and figure out what is going on inside of us’, this is what rose to the top.”

In GRiZ’s own words:
“Matisyahu’s voice speaks volumes to so many people. He has this unique ‘way’ of speaking and I am infinitely humbled that we were able to link up an idea that I think is very necessary today.”

Along with the new music, GRiZ gives a call to action for fans to support TOMS Shoes in their mission to have the community contact their local Congress representative to encourage universal background checks. More on that here:

GRiZ’s Ride Waves LP is due in full April 5th.