Megan Kashat is back with her latest single titled ‘Break My Heart’. This is the latest from a series of fruitful collaborations, this time pairing up with Turkish producer Osman Altun and Deep House DJ, Regard, to deliver a soulful, House-infused track. The release is focused around catchy and complex instrumentation including snippets that pay homage to their middle-eastern heritage.


Megan Kashat has once again signed her name on the heartfelt lyrics, exposing all her emotion and allowing the audience to relate to her songs. The juxtaposition between Osman Altun and Regard’s production work and the lyrics is fascinating, making the listener invest deeper into the music.


This is the first release from Megan Kashat in 2019 and with more on the horizon she is becoming a sought-after vocalist within the Electronic music scene. Distributed by Leaf Management, Osman Altun, Regard & Megan Kashat’s ‘Break My Heart’ is out now and available on Soundcloud and Spotify.



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