Patrik Remann and Ronnie Hagstedt met back in 1993, 15 years later they reunited and The Lab Wizard was born. Originally from Sweden the duo have had huge success in the Scandinavian dance charts with several releases reaching top 3 positions. The Lab Wizard also reached success in the US, UK, Austria and Germany with top 10 chart positions.

With Patrik making the beats and Ronnie on vocals, the duo is seriously a force to be reckoned with! Their latest hit ‘Hole In My Soul’ is a certified funky House tune. Featuring catchy lyrics and Ronnie’s smooth vocals paired with an insanely infectious groove is a match made in heaven. Their use of dark, gritty bass lines and repetitive melodies ensures this track as a fan favourite.

‘Hole In My Soul’ is currently out now on Patrik’s very own record label PR Records.

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