Detroit native Megan Kashat has had quite a journey in the entertainment world after previously having a career as a back up dancer in shows such as The Grammy Awards, The Wendy Williams Show and a worldwide tour with Charlie Wilson and working with some of the biggest names of music including Christina Aguilera and Steve Aoki before turning her attention to writing and performing her music.

Megan has featured as a vocalist on many Electronic tracks in the past and this time has created a Deep House crossed Pop song titled ‘Shame’. The song contains a funk-filled beat and catchy lyrics you can’t help but sing along to which shows off Megan’s exquisite vocal capabilities.

Megan Kashat is a truly unique artist and prides herself on that fact. In her live performances, you would often find her incorporating all of her talents such as dancing, singing and live painting. ‘Shame’ is out now on No Smoking Records.

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