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Following on from the massive success MaWayy’s debut single ‘Wrong’ which reached over 1.5 million YouTube views and 1.1 million Spotify streams, climbing to number 42 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart, the electronic pair’s latest track ‘Blame’ is now taken for a spin by German deep house duo LIZOT and New Orleans producer Phelian in a huge delivery of massive remixes. With MaWayy’s sound described by Huffington Post as ‘sizzling electropop’, the remixes are sure to achieve high acclaim in their contrasting and captivating reworkings.

There is something satisfyingly minimal about Phelian’s take on the track, which offers a completely fresh spin on the pop-esque, downtempo of the original. Muted vocals and a soft and controlled bass make for a deep, ambient reinvention of the release, which pulses with a glorious understatement whilst clinging to the original hook in its use of the ‘I’m a lover, not a fighter’ template.

The LIZOT remixes inflate the track into a club-oriented classic, offering a twist on the original by injecting an undeniable kick of deep house which thrives off the intro and outro in the instrumental versions of the remix. Dancefloor territory is inevitable in the radio mix, which packs a punch in its highly electronic delivery.

LIZOT are well on their way to becoming ones to watch in the industry, with their Sonnenmädchen 2018 Mix achieving over 9 million plays on Spotify, and with Phelian’s impressive future garage sound he is surely not far behind. With Masoud Fuladi and Brian Wayy cemented in the industry as production heavyweights who have grabbed the attention of industry giants and worked with huge hitmakers, these remixes are set to provide a renewed perspective on their sound and showcase the production talents of LIZOT and Phelian. Grab your copies of the remixes now.

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