MaWayy is the musical collaboration of Iranian-American Emmy Award-winning Brian Wayy and Iranian producer, artist and DJ Masoud Fuladi Moghaddam known for leading the electronic dance community in Iran. Together, from Los Angeles and Bandar-e Anzali, they have combined their production skills and created a sound The Huffington Post has described as ‘sizzling electropop’. Here they take 5 minutes with I Want EDM to talk about their new single ‘Blame’, working together remotely and more…

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. You only recently started the MaWayy project and were already esteemed producers in your own rights individually, so please tell us how you both came to work together?

Brian was a live musician and toured with Major Ska and Pop bands, also remixing pop artists into dance club mixes. When he met Masoud, he found that creating dance music truly was something that sparked passion back into his soul.  After Masoud’s underground music career, producing trance and progressive supported by stars like Armin van Buuren, he wanted to expand his music vision and knew that collaborating long term with Brian would be the best opportunity. This became the foundation, which began their journey with MaWayy.

Does working so far away affect how you work together?

Yes but in a good way, because when we get up in the morning we’re always expecting an exciting email or text from each other. Sometimes it’s a solid instrumental and sometimes it’s a new playlist placement! We understand what the dynamic & strengths are, which helps us when working on MaWayy.

How do tracks come together? Do you work remotely or pass music back and forth? Do you try and get in the studio together fairly often?

It usually starts with a simple idea that we email each other back and forth on & inspires the instrumental pieces to our music. This then gives us time to find a top-liner and the perfect singer that can match our music.

We love your new single ‘Blame’, where did the idea for the track come from?

Oh, Thanks. We started an instrumental like a progressive-Big room kind of sound and collaborated with LeVoyce a singer/songwriter from Dallas. The song happened to be so good that we wanted to match a better style with it. We tried to change the production a little bit but it didn’t go well, so then we changed it completely to make it a future bass track. We found the magic moment in the track, and that’s when we decided to release it after ‘Wrong’

Where do you both look to for your influences? Do you try and listen to a diverse array of music?

Definitely, these day’s top40 chart music that helps our career as a group. But individually we stick to the old tunes that gives us goosebumps still!

Brian: I’m influenced by any great music.

Masoud: Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Late Night Alumni

What other projects do you have lined up for the end of the year and moving into 2019?

We have recorded at least 10 tracks and have a completed video that have not been released to the public yet. Currently, we have in the pipeline 10 new songs in the making. Since we are now signed to Kobalt distribution, we are going to be releasing more new songs in the near future quicker than our previous attempts.

Do you have any standout shows coming up where people can watch you perform?

No, At this time we’re seeking agents.

Do you have a message you want to leave your fans?

You know. It’s a very tough business and a long process Although if you’re technically a great producer, still people are gonna say NO to you. They will pass on your music so many times! But you know what? You shouldn’t give up. Keep pushing. Keep expanding your musical vision. Try different styles. And before all of that, BE SURE IF MUSIC IS YOUR BEST CHOICE IN LIFE OR NOT!

In general, be persistent in anything you do.