When you are as forward thinking, ever evolving and unique as Sam Allan, it is probably hard to stop and take stock of the present. Sam Allan is the New York based producer and DJ who has garnered support from Paul Van Dyk, Don Diablo and so many more, and has impressed over the last few years with a string of amazing releases. ‘Anthology’ is his personal collection of the tracks he believes are worth another listen, and he is releasing them all once again.

A resident DJ at Pacha and Space City, he has learned how to evoke emotions from crowds at will over his time in the scene. Noticeable in his music also, he adds a layer of emotion and darkness that other producers hard it find to match. ‘Kublai’ is the dark end of the spectrum, with manipulated acoustic instruments alongside a brutal Electronic beat. ‘Vamonos’ and ‘Outer Limits’ change the game once again, with a more House drive vibe becoming prominent. ‘Keep Holding On’ is a perfect summer anthem, with infectious melodies and rhythm to get anyone up and dancing. There is a true power about his work, and it is easy to see how he has gained such a strong following since his first foray in to production.

With seven tracks in total on ‘Anthology’, there is a vibe for everybody on this release. He continues to grow and evolve as an artist, but sometimes you have to sit back and enjoy the masterful pieces you’ve already made.

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