Has Solarstone’s ‘. – – – – ’ album been saving its singles best for its singles last? Well that’s for you to tell us!
Either way, it shouldn’t go unsaid that reaction to ‘Untitled Love’ potentially marked the track out as a new first among equals for his more eclectic, exploratory side.

That in no small part came through his outreach to Felix Persson & Johanna Berglund, who collectively make up Swedish duo Rabbii. Their enthusiasm-for and expertise-in mixing the melancholic with the electronic is something only matched by Solarstone himself.

Johanna’s song reaches levels of soul-baring honesty, the likes of which are seldom heard in music today. Unflinchingly, her innermost thoughts are expressed as outermost words – the unrequited love nature of which will be lost on few. Unmistakably Scandinavian in tone, she contrasts that openness with a sweetly sung delivery, instilling a wonderfully wonderland-ish haze to ‘Untitled Love’.

Through their studio work, Rich and Felix musically compassion Johanna’s love travail each step of its way. With a near scientific level of detailing, no vocal inference goes unreciprocated, no nuance unequalled.

Serving the track its all important club expansion, Solarstone’s Nude version began life in March as the no-artist/no-label ‘L.O.V.E.’ promo. The mix found favour with a broad cross-section of DJs, with everyone from Sasha & Digweed, Nick Warren, Tom Peters and Luke Warren to Cevin Fisher, Sandra Collins, Guy Garrett and Anthony Papa giving it an approving nod. A rolling nine-minute odyssey through the deeper regions of trance, its analogue synth lines splice floor power into an all-consuming club revision.

You can listen to/purchase Solarstone & Rabbii’s ‘Untitled Love’ here: https://blackhole.choons.at/untitledlove 


01: Solarstone & Rabbii – Untitled Love (7” Mix)
02: Solarstone & Rabbii – Untitled Love (Nude Mix)