Justin Mylo interview ahead of Daydream Festival (China)




Hey Justin, how are you?

Hey! I am feeling amazing, very busy touring just released a new single on STMPD RCRDS which

I am super super happy with so life can’t be better right now!


This April will be the first Daydream Festival in China. What are your expectations of this


I’ve seen other DJs play at Daydream festival in other countries and it always looked super

crazy, so my expectations for the festival are very high and I’m super excited to be playing



The line-up for Daydream festival is quite varied, featuring a number of different music styles.

Are there any styles you are looking forward to hearing at the festival?

I’m looking forward to checking out Excision’ set, music wise super different from what I do.

I’ve heard his show production and visual wise is super crazy!


Do you think the Chinese dance music scene will soon influence the European market?

I think it will, there are already a couple of names which are influencing the European market

at the moment so that trend will definitely continue to move forward.


What can Chinese fans expect from your set?

Chinese fans can expect lots of new Justin Mylo music, a lot of energy and good vibes!


What else do you have planned this year in terms of shows ?

A lot planned in terms of shows, doing quite some big festivals which I can’t all announce yet.

But happy to say I’m playing on the mainstages of Creamfields and Mysteryland this year.


Any new music coming soon you can tell us about?

Just released my new single called Chasing Shadows on STMPD RCRDS so be sure to check that

one out! But also have a lot more lined up for this year so keep an eye on my socials.