Hey Guys, thanks for taking time out to have a chat with us. What have you been up to in the past year?
Hey hows it going!! This past year we’ve been playing a few shows here and there but we also been spending majority of time in the studio , creating a  bunch of new content to share to the world!



Tell us a bit about yourself.
Our names are marty and lance & we go by the name PRIMOZ. We are from La Habra, CA . We’ve been producing music for about 7 yrs now & if you bring us a churro to our show or where ever we’ll love you forever 🙂 lol




What made you take a decision to get into the Dance music scene?
What made us go into the dance music scene was just all the good vibes dance music brings. So this led us to want to create our own music & give that back to the people 🙂




Who were your influences which have inspired you to go down a certain genre route? 

Some of our influencers would be Dillion Francis, GTA, Boombox Cartel, Chainsmokers just to name a few.




How would you describe your sound?
We can describe our sound as being either high energy Or down tempo music, in each track we like to keep the listener wondering what is going to happen next.




What has been your top career highlight so far?
Our highlights for the career this far has been getting support from legends like  The Chainsmoker, Krewella, Flosstradamus, Dillion Francis & the fans across the globe that also be playing our music. This has been a highlight for us and it pushes us to do more and more.




What’s next for you over the summer and the rest of the year?
our plans for the summer and the rest of the year, is to continue to release more content & we’re going to be dropping some merch in the summer. Lots of good things on the way 🙂




Can you tell us about any upcoming releases and projects you’ve got lined up?
we have lots of collabs dropping very soon with Peacetreaty, purowuan, cvrtmind just to name a few. we also have tons of remixes dropping soo. We’re also working on an e.p , so we definetly have lots of new content on the way that we’re excited to share 🙂



Can you tell us something not many people know about Primoz?
something ppl should know, that sometimes don’t know is that we really are “cousins”  lol thats definetly something they should know lol


Anything to add, or any shout outs?
Shout out I Want EDM for this, they’ve been big supporters for a minute now & we appreciate everything they’ve done. & also shout to the camp Matrix Sessions & Last but not least, shout out to the the people who are reading this , much love 🙂




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