After just releasing ‘Don’t Wanna Let It Go’ on February 2nd via Sony, what were your thought processes behind this release and how long did it take to get the finished track together? 

We really tried to create something that makes you want to dance, gives you a good feeling and is fun to listen to. The lyrics tell a story we’re all too familiar with, of when a relationship is in its dying days, but you’re desperate to keep it together for the sake of not wasting the memories you had together.

In July last year I started to play around with the production idea. I showed it to some people including Before We Go and he hit me up just seconds after I sent him the track. We wrapped it up in his studio in November and are now stoked to release it.


Following on from ‘Shattered Dreams’ which saw a strong rise with top 3 chart support in  Switzerland’s Spotify viral chart, did you expect this success from the track? 

It was my first single on a major label, so I didn’t really know what to expect! I’m just grateful to everyone who took the time to listen, and pleased the track seemed to resonate with so many people.


You also have a hugely successful career as a music producer, with the recent #1 iTunes hit ‘Found Love’ by Roger Martin. Could you talk through a couple of production tips for those looking to get into music production? 

When it comes to music production: listen to a lot of music, compare your productions to songs you like and never stop working on bettering yourself! It’s like playing an instrument, you won’t evolve if you don’t practice.


When did you start producing music? Has it been a long process to get to where you are today with the production processes used on your tracks?

I’ve been producing music for 5 years, and I’m still learning every single day. Some parts of the process are a lot faster than they were a few years ago, but there’s so many elements to master that I honestly see the process as ongoing.


Do you have any touring plans this year? What would be the No.1 place you’d like to perform? 

We’re making plans but we can’t talk about them much just yet… No-one does EDM like the Dutch so that’s a definite candidate, but I’d love to play a show in North Korea. I feel that’s untapped territory.


What you do you have in store for further releases in the pipeline?

I’ve got a song with my bro ENV coming out soon on Armada. I’ll be announcing more on my socials in the next few weeks, so hit me up on there! Instagram –  Facebook –  Soundcloud –