Davi Hemann and IrriX combine perfectly to create the Electro House smasher ‘Alone’. Davi, at just 17, is taking big steps towards stardom already and his new production is yet another example of why he is on the lips of so many artists in the industry.

Based in Brazil, the young producer has been interested in music since the age of 8, but has started taking his productions more seriously in the last couple of years. He thrives on his music being heard by other people, and his understanding of musical theory and what makes people tick is very advanced. He is a true music lover, and previous productions show just how quickly his music is moving forwards.

‘Alone’ combines the nostalgic vibes of a few years ago with Davi’s own untouchable sound. The unique synthesis and hard-hitting percussion sit perfectly alongside an ambience which is so subtle yet so necessary. Finding the balance between a pounding beat and beautiful ambience is hard to master but Davi shows he has already got the talent, delivering another masterstroke.

The track is available for free download at the link below, so check it out!

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