Brothers by blood and by musical form – JustChokus! have whipped up a recent frenzy by outputting a modern and innovative brand of bass-worshiping Trap, Dubstep and out of the box production work which has quickly earned them a reputation amongst peers as a dangerous duo when it comes to high-impact crowd-pleasers that do the job of leaving a physical mark on listeners of their elaborate and deviant discography. Whipping up over 100k online spins on their ‘Lunatic Lucifer’ release, the pair made it obvious that their ruthless brand of electronic music production work was going to stand out from the crowd.

JustChokus! turn up the damage control to maximum with the arrival of ‘Temple of Hate’ this month as they let loose a savage Trap package that comes with a health warning. This bass-heavy production lets off a rocket on the drops that sends sub woofers trembling with bionic vibration that’ll likely bring the roof down if played at the right volume. The combination of mechanical junkyard style drums and percussion with the shrieking lead synths elevate the monstrous bottom end into a cavernous dance-floor weapon of mass destruction that won’t apologize when it blows your eyebrows clean off your face. Nearly every element of the record has been thoughtfully placed to add drama, tension and impact in a way that JustChokus! do with certified power. The sketchy hi-hat rolls evoke a sense of eerie anticipation, the breaks are less of a respite but more like a warning and when the thing blows up it’s a full force tsunami of unrelenting bass energy, frenetic synth drones and downright obnoxious drum thuds that bang like a cannon blast. This is no holes barred, in your face electronic music that’s designed with the sole intention of making things move.

With the pair already causing a stir on the underground amongst peers, sure enough the fan club is starting to pickup as the comrades continue to impress the right people in the right places. With a fully loaded 2018 in production you can bet your bottom dollar that this is just the beginning of a brooding storm that’s got the authority and hype to leave a mark into the new year.

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