Cam Colston had an amazing time in 2017. The Las Vegas based DJ/Producer released multiple EP’s on labels such as Filthy Sounds and Smile Creations Music label, he showed the world what he was about – innovative, groove-infused Dance music.

His unique style of productions have quickly progressed in to 2018, and his entry to the Morgan Page – Beautiful Disaster remix competition has showcased what makes Cam’s work so sought after. With crisp, precise production, he immediately encapsulates the listener with hard-hitting percussion alongside the wonderful vocals from the original track. Elegant synths glide in to the drop, and thumping bass ensues – sure to set many dance floors alight in the future. Techno and house infused synthesis is given a fresh new look for the New Year, and he blends all the elements of an immediate classic with ease.

Cam is a self-proclaimed creative and passionate musician, and it is easy to see why his mixes and productions gain so much traction within the industry. This track is sure to be in all of his future DJ mixes, and his chart topping Mixcloud sessions, including #1 in the Mixcloud Electro House Chart, are another example of the talent this maverick musician possesses.

It is without doubt that Cam will keep producing these effervescent tracks throughout the year and with festival season bound to jump up on us, it’s worth keeping an eye (and an ear!) out for everything he is doing!

Listen Now on Soundcloud:

Cam Colston Online