Hailing from the Indian culture hub of Bangalore, the experienced and technically imaginative mind of Hesper Millian has been busy behind the scenes readying the debut segment of this newly coined project which delves in-between the realms of House and Techno, heavily electronic, groove focused and rich in machine-based inspiration. With this induction EP in the bag and ready for release it’s 2018 that’s in Hesper’s crosshairs as a busy year of development for this project looms on the horizon.

‘Chapter 1 (Beginnings)’ marks the start of a new story for Hesper and if this story is to continue into the new year with future instalments, we’re in for an electronic treat as we follow the talented producer through his outputs. The lead track ‘Allimac’ brings the EP to life offering a potent and groove-laced Techno/House hybrid that quickly introduces Hesper’s love of menacing and surreal Progressive melodic elements which loop through the shuffled metallic hats and slow-burning risers and snappy fills, all reinforced by a steady kick that pulverizes the sub frequency ranges. The break brings subtly euphoric chords, quirky FX, ravey piano stabs and modulation across the page before dropping back into the main section with an added arp-synth that’s almost Trance-like. We quickly learn that Hesper’s inspirations come from far and wide. Moving onto ‘It’s Underground’ we get a full portion of the producer’s Tech House roots as we’re hit with a barrage of vintage piano stabs, sliding bass notes, heavy reverb fills and a classic demonic pitch-down vocal that pulls the breaks into frenetic tension before slapping back with a familiar kick and bass workout for the main body. Wrapping up the EP is ‘Basics’ which re-introduces the signature eastern-inspired percussive elements in a weird and twisted rhythm that sounds almost like a live DJ mix of drum elements and bass. Vocal hits and distorted synths do the melodic work whilst the busy drum track takes full control of the rhythmic sections resulting in a hectic production that will attract lovers of leftfield programming and unique timing.

When combined we’re left to digest this three track package and conclude that Hesper Millian is a talent of notable calibre and a fine master of the Electronic music department. His style is original, but familiar, fresh but classically rooted and certainly produced to a standard that would make his work a sure thing on Techno and House dance-floors of all shapes and sizes. A resounding success – this EP marks the start of what we hope to be a marathon year for this resolute beat-maker.

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