Dada Life have few peers when it comes to raucous electro house. The Swedish duo have been dominant figures in the genre for years and return with a new single, “We Want Your Soul” out via the duo’s imprint, So Much Dada.

Engblom commented on the new single.

“‘We Want Your Soul’ is all about taking control. Us taking control of you, that is. You need to follow us down our rabbit hole. We can’t tell you what’s going to happen, but we can promise it will be fun. But then we need to take your soul first!”

Energetic vocals lead into an interesting combination of commanding synths that propel the song forward. The track is unapologetically Dada Life in its sound and energy, bringing listener’s back to their hit album The Rules of DadaFans can look forward to the release of Dada Life’s second full studio album release in 2018, with full details still to come.

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