Known for his central role in the underground techno circuit, Ivan Ramos — better known as Coyu — has joined forces once more with longtime collaborator Bastian Bux. The Suara label boss and Spanish producer’s work together is truly one-of-a-kind and dates back to 2015, as Ramos brought Bux in for his debut EP. Now, the two tastemakers have collaborated on a new EP out Dec. 11 that’s sure to dominate the techno realm all throughout next festival season.

Having long been fueled, inspirationally speaking, from both house and techno in their reaffirming tracks, Coyu and Bastian Bux err to the foreboding techno pole on their new collaboration. As the surge of tech house has grown tenfold since the rise of Coyu in 2015, he and Bastian Bux lean into the more sinister techno. Certainly, the two are equally asserting a demanding techno demeanor by way this new release. In doing so, Coyu and Bastian maintain a dancefloor decorum backed up by an emotive sense of tension that maintains its palpableness and lovability of the two so kindly.

The forthcoming EP, Sons of Suburbs, will surely see the two solidify their unstoppable sinister stance when joining forces.


  1. Desire Walk With Me
  2. Suburbia
  3. One Nine Fine
  4. Space Smokers Are Invading Mars

Sons of Suburbs is out via Suara on Dec. 11 and is available for pre-order here.

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