Up-and-coming EDM producer benAM recently released Seraph, a 2-track project which refines benAM’s style, creating atmospheric tracks sure to catch the ears of EDM fans all over the world.

 At 12 minutes in length, the tracks that comprise Seraph, “Seraph” and “Daze”, provide a progressive, near-cinematic experience. The listener is brought along the sonic journey conjured by benAM as the tracks travel through this roller coaster of compelling sounds, proving to be a rewarding listen for fans of the genre.

 The tracks also have their own distinct identities, creating an interesting juxtaposition when placed alongside each other. The sharp, distinct piano hits of the title track are proceeded by the crystallized synths and woozy swells of “Daze”, a stark contrast with only aids in showcasing the tracks’ unique characteristics.

 With Seraph benAM shows us the ability to create some very distinct and intriguing sounds, and understand how to bring out the best qualities in the tracks he makes.

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 To see exactly what we mean, you can check out Seraph below.