Portuguese producer RAC began his career with an ear for remixing unlikely artists, ranging from the likes of Lana Del Rey and Kings of Leon to Bob Marley and U2. Now, the producer has moved onto originals of his own and handed off remix duties to other artists — notably Philadelphia’s Instupendo.

Instupendo seemed to burst onto the scene with a sound all his own fully formed, which immediately netted him a large, word of mouth fanbase. After releasing numerous standalone originals in his signature style, the producer hinted at exploring new directions with his debut EP, Friend of a Friend. His take on RAC’s “Unusual,” which features MDNR on vocals, is the most evident release yet that the producer is changing things up.

The soft light arpeggios and synth patches are still prominent, though they are more out in the open as opposed to somnolent haze. The producer also demonstrates clever restraint, ceding the track’s spotlight to the original’s catchy vocals. For a career that is just progressing out from its nascent beginnings, Instupendo’s remix of “Unusual” is a positive sign that the young producer is primed for an evolution all his own.

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