Chicago-native Madnap‘s story begins with his founding of a creative collective — the Paper Crane — two years ago. In turn, the artist created a full-on network of producers, vocalists, and graphic designers. Through this collective, the artist showcased the up-and-coming talent of SoundCloud in an inclusive art-based community, and even himself made time for producing.

Earlier this fall, Madnap served up two atmospheric originals that serve as the perfect showcase of his downtempo M.O. The two tracks, “Disappear” and “Honey,” capitalize on his dulcet production style, as each tune harps on both delicate vocals and tantalizing synth-work.

In his latest stunning endeavor, Madnap’s taken on a tune outside of his typical sonic breadth. Nonetheless, the producer’s given Lil Uzi Vert‘s “The Way Life Goes” a smooth cover. The new version is far more downtempo, and impressively features the vocals of Madnap himself.

Madnap is currently on tour with Phantoms, and with each further production from the artist, it becomes more clear there’s nowhere for him to go but up.

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