Chicola has spent over two decades as a DJ helping cultivate the progressive genre. Now, the time has come for him to capture the breadth of his sound through his first-ever artist album.

Could Heaven Be is thus a deeply personal look at the Israeli legend’s artistry. Released on prominent progressive label Lost&Found, the LP spans twelve tracks that explore the romantic, melancholic, and euphoric realms.

“Backstabber” exemplifies the darker side of Could Heaven Be, taking a turn from what one would usually hear from Chicola. It takes on a more brooding, minimal tone, lacking in the lush percussion patterns and melodies he favors and instead utilizing titillating arps and heartier kicks to create an impact. Listening to “Backstabber” is more or less the aural equivalent of entering a dystopian plane, shrouding the mind in a shadowy veil that demands attention on the dancefloor.

Order ‘Could Heaven Be’ here

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