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Another week finished brings time to unwind. Hopefully, you have some dancing ahead of you this weekend. But regardless of whether a nice dance sweat is in your cards, we’ve curated a Launchpad playlist brimming with tracks sure to liven up any night. And if you’d hadn’t planned to go out this weekend, you might reconsider after listening, either that or simply bring the party to you.

DA Launchpad Selects:

Secretsundaze – “Motorway Jam”

“Motorway Jam” is a pristine jam to kick off the weekend with in style. It’s a driving number, groovy in its commencement, only in no time to sweep its listener up for a few laps around the track. Clocking in at seven minutes, Seceretsundaze seems to have found the secret sauce on “Motorway Jam.”

Far Kanal – “Grab Em”
Far Kanal has taken a grisly utterance from Donald Trump and uttered it irresistibly danceable. The tongue-in-cheek tech house grooviness of this number is positivley impressive.

Secretsundaze – “Motorway Jam”
Deadspace & Dateless – “In The Mood”
YENI – Hang On (Wigbert Remix)”
Far Kanal – “Grab Em (Original)”
Dominic Comello -“The Intruder”
Danny Kolk – “Game of Life”

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