Since his debut earlier this year, mysterious producer Krayysh has consistently hypnotized listeners with his dark, experimental style. All of his hard work has led him to the release of a thrilling inaugural EP, Talk To Me, which came out on Nov. 17.

The EP consists of four originals, wrapped up by Mat Zo’s remix of “Talk To Me.” The EP’s namesake track kicks off the collection of music on a relatively lighthearted note for the undetermined road that lies ahead. With sweet, almost sorrowful vocals from Joyia,”Talk To Me” moves along at a spirited pace, fooling the listener into thinking they’re in for a mild adventure.

As the initial track dwindles away and fades into “The Opposite of Happy,” it becomes clear that the remainder of the tracks will take on a more foreboding tone than the first. The Canadian producer takes his listeners on a journey down a dark rabbit hole with “The Opposite of Happy,” using bass-heavy glitchy sound design to portray an almost spooky vibe. He continues to build tension in “Take a Look and See,” a downtempo track that swings the listener back and forth between a delicate, wistful melody and trippy, heavy bass. Krayysh closes his original pieces of work with a short track called “Cold Ash,” which features a quicker pace and an elaborate intro and outro.

Overall, Talk To Me impeccably showcases Krayysh’s intricate attention to detail and the shadowy, cinematic journey he’s crafted in his debut set of songs.

“I put my soul into this and am unbelievably excited to share it with the world,” he says in a Facebook post.

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