Known for his dark, entrancing beats and ominous progressions, Dustycloud has made a name for himself as one of house music’s cutting-edge newcomers. Dustycloud’s most recent release, “Ride,” is a testament to his developing signature style, as the striking original showcases a deep, rugged bass line, distorted samples of eerie vocals, and intriguing layers of percussion.

Dustycloud’s last piece was a shocking collaboration with none other than g-house guru, Drezo. Their track “House” garnered support for its grim, gritty undertones and prominent kicks, as the two producers created the single with unmatched chemistry. Dustycloud’s sound is comparable to dark house pioneers Malaa and Tchami, yet he adds his own flair into the mix, engineering unexpected, energetic flavor to his work. With his latest, “Ride,” the inventive French artist solidifies his potential as one of house music’s most promising up-and-coming acts.

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