You recently dropped ‘Deep Blue’ via disco:wax – talk us through the thought process behind this track, is there a particular message you want to convey with the release?

Hey! This is true! We absolutely want to convey a message here and that is simply to do what you love and enjoy the ones you care about most. You don’t want to be Blue do you? Our song is about travel, lifestyle, adventure and love. It’s based on a feeling of happiness but at the same time we explore our summertime sadness.

‘Cold Ain’t For Me’ achieved huge success with millions of streams and support worldwide – did you expect this sort of response for the track? What were your thoughts when you saw the traction the track was getting around the globe?

We were amazed to see such a positive response and get so many messages and feedback from so many places! People from literally all over the world were feeling the song, making videos, posting pictures. I’m even amazed that Cold Ain’t For Me has become a phrase now. That’s insane! It makes me so happy I can’t contain myself. We are both blessed and humbled by the way people reacted to our debut single.

With travel being one of your biggest inspirations, could you recommend one particular place that has inspired you significantly to make music?

I would say California! We have both spent a great deal of time there and got to work and play in that creative environment. I would call it a creative heaven if I’m honest. Studio sessions run late, food and talk is great. There is romance, there is colour, there is tone and inspiration in everything the eye sees! I’m heading back shortly!

Aside from music making plans, what have you got lined up in terms of shows / performances?

We are working on a schedule for this now and we want nothing more then to share our music with the world. Stay tuned on that one!

Do you have anywhere in the world in particular you’d love to perform?

We would love to perform in Japan! We have got so much love from our fans there and so many requests to go over and sing a song or two! Hopefully this could happen at some point soon!