Matt Lange makes melodic techno sound easy. The LA-based producer has refined his sound over the past few years to a dexterous degree. The latest evidence of this is his new single, “All You Need to See.”

The song began as a remix to his track “Clever Girl” from his left-field, rock-inspired EP, Punish Me, before being repurposed by Lange into an effective dancefloor number. “It quickly became it’s own entity and soon was the opening track for all of my current gigs,” Lange says.

The track blends dark atmospherics, pummeling low end and an airy vocal hook to create an immersive soundscape. Part of what makes the song (and Lange’s sound in general) so compelling is his dual mastery of both melodic and rhythmic song structure. Lange’s arrangements are at once both harmonically interesting and infectiously hypnotic.

“All You Need” is out now on Matt Lange’s solo imprint, isorhythm.

Purchase and stream it here.

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