To say that the internet is starved for new Skrillex music would be an enormous understatement. The Great Skrillex Famine may have reached a pivotal turning point recently though, as new teasers appeared on the online communication platform Discord over the weekend, seemingly right from Sonny himself. Uploading two rough audio snippets to the forum, Skrillex sent the speculation mill ablaze nearly instantly. The general consensus seems to be new music on the way, although the where, when and how obviously continue to remain a mystery. This year has brought rumors of collaborations with D.R.A.M., Mr. Carmack, Kendrick Lamar, and more, and with Skrillex on a touring hiatus this year, the prospect of new solo material sometime in 2017 seems highly probable.

The two tantalizing previews that were recently uploaded to Discord total out at 25 seconds of audio, though to ravenous Skrillex fans, 25 seconds of verified new Skrillex music feels like a lifetime. The first clip is titled “DISCORD_TEST_SKRIL” followed shortly by “JUST made this shitty song :D.” While some artists like deadmau5 have made common practice out of creating and testing new material online in real time, verified test uploads like this from Sonny are nearly unheard of. Perhaps going forward new teasers will crop up on Discord, though for now, the wait for new Skrillex music seems to remain stuck on the seemingly endless “soon” status.


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