Giving fans a lingering taste of their upcoming album, Rudimental have released their newest single, “Sun Comes Up.” Working hand-in-hand with friend and English vocalist James Arthur, the combined talents have put forth a track that proves to be nothing short of blissful listening. Searching for a specific vocalist to match their overall vision for the single, Rudimental successfully blends acoustic guitar chords with tropical-house undertones to amount to the perfect daytime beach anthem.

After their latest chart-topping single, “Lay It All On Me,” with UK superstar Ed Sheeran, the popular Drum n’ Bass group have actively made use of the plethora of English talent to accelerate the growth of their musical style. Released on the band’s very own subsidiary label, “Major Toms”, the single manifests the newly directed style that the band foreshadows for the unreleased album.

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