Oliver Lieb created a piece highly ahead of its time in “Netherworld,” and it continues to stand as one of the most iconic trance and progressive singles in existence. Its first incarnation, written under Lieb’s L.S.G. moniker, was released twenty-one years ago, quickly becoming a favorite among Sasha & Digweed and helping to influence many other artists since.

A new renaissance of progressive and trance unfolding makes timing ideal for a brand new re-imagination of “Netherworld.” Lieb adds a refined progressive touch under his own name for this version, which follows his trancier re-work of the piece in 2005, tantalizing the ears with hypnotic bursts of bass under intricate percussion samples. Though “Netherworld (2017 Main Mix)” has a completely different foundation than its predecessors, one thing remains: its ethereal, unforgettable hook which any fan of the music will recognize instantly.

Lieb’s remix finds its way onto Bonzai Progressive for its release, and is joined by another stunning remix by Rise And Fall. Download them here.