Made famous for his ominous, sinister beats layered over staggering waves of earth-shattering bass, Malaa‘s bruising signature sound has yielded hits such as his house anthem “Bylina,” his eerie piece “Contagious,” and his highly-publicized Tchami collaboration, “Prophecy.” His style is instantly recognizable, as the iconoclast has strayed away from the expected, revolutionizing the future house genre with his distinct production techniques.

In his latest original, Malaa has dramatically pushed the envelope in the process of creating a sound unlike anything we’ve heard from the mysterious producer, and the results are simply stunning. Titled “Paris 96′,” Malaa completely changes it up with a groovy bass line, jazzy, soulful vocal samples, and a funked out melody that is straight out of the 60’s. “Pairs 96′” fuses dazzling vintage funk with striking deep vibes, generating a track that showcases a new era for the renegade artist. In a world where many musicians play it safe, Malaa’s fearless experimentation is wonderfully refreshing.

Featured image via HARD Summer/Rukes.

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