Hi Sergio, thanks for taking time out to have a chat with us. What have you been up to in the past year?
Hello guys, thanks a lot for this interview! The past year has been absolutely crazy! Its been a year full of studio sessions and lots of parties! The best thing that happened to me last year is that I released an official remix for a successful artist called LP, which had was a great success in my country and abroad. Most of my days, during the daytime was spent in the studio and nights in clubs – a crazy year for sure!

Tell us a bit about yourself
My passion for music came early in my life at the age of 10. I started to play the guitar and 4 years later I started to experiment with producing. I just grabbed my first copy of a music production software package and started messing around. Later on, I found out that this is my passion after I was spending most of my day on writing music so I thought I should take a bigger step into it and I went to a music technology school. Afterwards I tried to work more in the industry and I struggled for years to sign myself in a record label. It took lots of effort and luck to finally succeed to my goal and now I always set higher goals and try to achieve them. My main concern is to express myself through music be heard and try to make people feel the way I do!

What made you take a decision to get into the Dance music scene?
Actually, this is a funny story considering that until the age of 17 I was a truly committed rock and metal, with long hair and an electric guitar on my hand all day long! Suddenly with the experimentation on music production, I found out that electronic music has lots of ways to express yourself and do fresh and unique stuff because you can combine the real world with the digital so all this got me more into it. So back in the day I started to look for more and more dance music and I felt I was in love with it and it really grabbed me. I have to say though that I still love rock and metal!

Who were your influences which have inspired you to go down a certain genre route?
I think that music has no boundaries so I would say that I follow only a specific genre but for sure I’m working mostly in the dance scene. A big influence for me back in the day was Armin van Burren, David Guetta and Dennis Ferrer. Although I tend to listen to different styles of music every day because I think that this is the best way to get new ideas and stay fresh!

How would you describe your sound?
I’m in love with real instruments as much as synth and electronic sound so I always try to make a combination of both, I tend to use guitars as much as I can because it’s my favourite instrument. However, with my sound, it has its character more in the musical side because what we compose is a combination of our influences and less in particular sounds or tempo because I tend to change them in order to stay fresh and find new unique things as much as I can!

What was it like releasing your first ever single ‘Don’t Go’?
It was for sure a really big deal for me to sign to a label and especially a label that as a teenager was a dream for me to be a part of. I was really excited about it and I was lucky that it did well as it has been my first release! The most exciting thing was when I listened to it for the first time on the radio or in clubs. I actually couldn’t believe it!

Can you tell us a bit about your new single with Dim Gerrad ‘Never Give Up’?
‘Never Give Up’ is again a combination of the analogue and digital world as I keep the synth and all the electronic elements in the production but I also combined some guitars and a violins because this is my habit. The song has a Moomba dancehall vibe along with the melodic elements on top of it which, in my opinion, gives a summer feel to it. It has been released from one of the biggest labels in Greece “Panik Records“ and it already has been imported to many radios all over the country and abroad. I tend to cross fingers and hope for the best about it.

What has been your top career highlight so far?
Regarding my releases, “Secret“ has been my top success as it has lots of streams and plays on the web and it also reached Shazam ’s top 30 in Greece and top 28 in Turkey! Also the remix that I told you before for lip’s single other people! In terms of my DJ career it’s not so specific but I will mention my participation in opening a concert for Thievery Corporation and when I played at some festivals and venues with over 3,000 people in them!

What’s next for you over the summer and the rest of the year?
A few remixes will be released. One has been released this week and it’s a remix of Elias’ ‘Thinkin’ of You’ and a remix for the lip’s new song “Suspicion” I already started working on new songs to choose my upcoming single in few months time and I’ve planned lot’s of gigs for the summer.

Are there any up and coming artists that have caught your eye and that you would recommend giving a listen to?
Every day I listen to lots of music and I find many upcoming artists fresh and inspiring with lots of potential to offer to the music scene! Like Burak, Yeter, Kungs, Mahmut Orhan and Jax Jones.

Finally, any shout outs or anything else you would like to add?
Follow your dreams and never give up!

Sergio T Online