Miley Cyrus has undergone a shocking personal transformation — one even more surprising than her phallus-obsessed concerts where she would ride bananas, twerk while scantily clad, and dress in marijuana-print jumpsuits. Miley has abandoned her wild side claiming that her scandalous actions were part of a phase and has taken the opportunity to embrace her country roots.

While her latest track, “Malibu,” has received mostly positive criticism for the personal, earnest lyrics the piece shares, there has been some heat directed at the remixes renowned producers have attempted to create.

The established artists who put their spin on Miley’s tune include Tiësto, Dillon Francis, Alan Walker, and The Him have allegedly received some flack for disappointing fans with a perceived lack of creativity in each remix. A possible explanation for the unimpressive outcomes is that “Malibu” isn’t the right type of piece that works well when remixed. There are songs that stand best when left untouched, and with the outcome of the remixes, it seems as if each artist tried to force a makeover which resulted in a strained, unimpressive, and, frankly, boring product.

Tiësto’s rendition does not dramatically differ from Miley’s original. There is no flair, no heart stopping, hard signature Tiësto drop. Alan Walker picks up the tempo of the piece a bit, but, like Tiësto, his typical intensity and distinct artistry is missing. Dillon Francis’ remix is a bit better than Tiesto and Alan’s take on the piece, with some semblance of a drop that the others lack. However, the bridge is slow moving, lacks texture, and honestly, is generic.

Perhaps the most successful remix of the collection comes from The Him, who enliven Miley’s original with a fiery build up and exciting melody. The duo provides an energetic and intriguing spin on “Malibu” thanks to their well-rounded and balanced sound, built upon progressive house chords and layers of vocal samples.

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