German born DJ and producer, Code:Pandorum’s sound is manic, invigorating, and imaginative. In his latest production, Hi I’m Ghost join the artist with their own brand of energetic, hypnotic beats, creating an overwhelming wave of cacophonous sounds in each and every drop.

Code:Pandorum’s “Call for Help” is one of the twenty-eight tracks included in his most recent album, The Lovecraftian Horrors, which incorporates themes on the album cover from H.P Lovecraft’s genre. The imagery conveyed in the famous writings reflects the style of the entire track which features weighty bass progressions, distorted snippets of creepy vocals, and oscillating bass synths. “Call for Help” marks Hi I’m Ghost’s second release in under two week, showing that with each release, the duo clearly is gaining momentum among bass music’s most promising up-and-coming producers.

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