In the past few years many artists have become disenchanted with electronic music – more specifically the process of writing electronic music. For many, it grows a meaning and purpose much different from those which led the artist into music in the first place.

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriting aficionado Blair had such an experience during the creation of his latest single, “Oceans.” Blair explains that he was “unsatisfied with the process of electronic music production. I felt like i was inside a box.” For this track in particular, using live instruments helped. “I wanted people to hear the imperfect human element that has been all but replaced by its robotic emulations. Perfection is boring.”

Putting his music where his mouth is, “Oceans” is by no means boring, even though its imperfections are likely imperceptible except to him. Perfectly balanced between powerful chords and catchy vocals and melodies – always with with Blair’s unique personal touch – this track will be a valuable addition to any summer playlist.

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