Rumors recently surfaced that celebrated French duo Daft Punk would lend their vast production experience to a new single for upcoming Australian band Parcels. The rumors have been confirmed true as the band have released “Overnight,” a single from their new Hideout EP- produced by the elusive duo.

In a recent interview, the Australian group revealed details of how they first encountered ‘The Robots’ in France in 2016 and made an ‘instant connection’ with them—culminating in a ‘meaningful’ collaboration for both parties.

“Despite the obvious status that Daft Punk carry there was never any ego in the studio,” said the group. “From the start to the finish it was an equal collaboration with no pressure, only a desire to create something meaningful together.”

The track itself features Daft Punk’s time-tested funky guitar riffs and bass lines (though it notably lacks their signature vocoder samples) which give the song an abundance of groove. Expect the Daft Punk faithful to sink their teeth fully into this gem.


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