The Hot 25 is the definitive playlist series running through dance music culture and hand­-delivering you the essential tracks of the week. Whether it’s the hottest or quickest trending tracks, brand new music from your favorite artists, or songs from the unknown that should be landing on your radar, Dancing Astronaut brings you 25 carefully selected records that reflect what’s happening in our world.

The past week yielded major joint efforts between Calvin Harris & DJ Khaled, RAC & St. Lucia, and Lil Jon & Skellism. On top of that, Parcels – in conjunction with Daft Punk, AREA21, and Drezo all stood out with some of the week’s most fiery release.

Additionally, we’ve provided our top picks from within The DA Hot 25, highlighting two standout tracks.

The Heat of the Week: Parcels – Overnight

It’s always a blessing when a piece of Daft Punk work sees the light of day. To many listeners’ surprise, the French robots paired up with Australian band, Parcels, to co-produce their new single “Overnight” that is branded from start to finish with Daft Punk’s signature funk licks.

The Breakout Select: AREA21 – We Did It

At Ultra 2016, Martin Garrix debuted a number of new songs leaning towards the future bass direction but with an unidentified rapper running verses atop. Now surfacing as a not-so-secret collaborative project of Garrix and Maejor, AREA21releases its third original “We Did It” which could be the duo’s strongest piece yet.

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