Few genres have had as dramatic an evolution over time as that of dubstep. The aggressive, often cacophonous LFO wails which have come to define dubstep’s public perception since 2010 are a far cry from the gritty, subdued beats and dub samples which characterized its early days.

There is no single person who better epitomizes dubstep’s nascent stage than Skream. Though Oliver Jones currently presides as one of the most compelling artists in the house and techno circuit, the taste-making chameleon is widely considered to be one of the genre’s primary progenitors.

In 2005, Jones released “Midnight Request Line,” a song regarded by many as the first dubstep track ever produced. Two years later, as dubstep became an indomitable force in the UK, Skream provided the first proper dubstep Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1.

Today, June 17, 2017, Skream’s debut Essential Mix turns 10 years old. At just 21 years old, Jones introduced the world to the most malleable genre of the era. Throughout the two-hour set, the British DJ offered a crash course in dubstep, rinsing tracks from some influential figures such as Coki, Rusko, and Benga in addition to a comprehensive selection from his own catalogue.

It’s easy to see why Pete Tong refers to Skream as “the sound of dubstep” during the broadcast: at times menacing and at times sedate, his 2007 Essential Mix dutifully encapsulates the essence of the genre in its purest form.

Tracklist (Via BBC):

Skream – ‘Hedd Banger’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Percression’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Shake It’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Hurt Them’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Movin Snarez’ (Disfigured Dubz)
Mark Ashken – ‘Size 3’ (Skream mix) (Leftroom)
Skream N Clue Kid – ‘SandSnake’ (Disfigured Dubz)
Skream – ‘Lemon’ (Dub)
Warrior Queen – ‘Take Time’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Chest Boxin’ (Tempa)
Skream – ‘Dubbers Anonnymous’ (Tempa)
Skream – ‘2D’ (Tempa)
Zinc featuring Slarta John – ‘Flim’ (Skream mix) (Dub)
Coki – Untitled (Big Apple Music)
Skream/Mala – ‘Anti-Tapped’ (Dub)
Unknown – ‘Alicia’ (white)
Skream – ‘Nemesis’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘The Line’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Tortured Soul’ (Tempa)
Benga – ‘Skunk Tip’ (Skream mix) (Tempa)
Skream – ‘Skwelcha’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘ Sine-Us’ (Dub)
Distance – ‘Nightvision’ (Skream mix) (Dub)
Black Ghost – ‘Find Some Way’ (Skream N Plastician Refix) (Southern Fried)
Rusko – ‘Jah Hova’ (Sub Soldiers)
Skream – ‘Losin Control’ (Tempa)
Magnetic Man – ‘What’s Happenin?’ (Dub)
Coki – ‘Blood Thirst’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Wobble That Gut’ (Dub)
Slazenger – ‘8ate Ball’ (white)
Skream ft Warrior Queen – ‘Check It’ (Tempa)
Coki – ‘Sponge Bob’ (Big Apple)
Skream – ‘Oskillata’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Murdera’ (Dub)
Neon Hitch – ‘Derek’ (BiPolarMen Refix) (The Beats)
Skream – ‘Make Me’ (Distance Remix) (Dub)
Seventeen Evergreen – ‘Ensoniq’ (BiPolarMen Refix) (Dub)
Skream – ‘Krash’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Midnight Request Line’ (Tempa)
Skream – ‘C.R.O Dub’ (Dub)
Klaxons – ‘Not Over Yet’ (Skream mix) (EMI)
Benga – Untitled (white)

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