At the end of May, Dutch producer Oliver Heldens released the first episode of his new mixtape series, Ibiza 77. On a mission to deliver “timeless housey Ibiza vibes,” the inaugural mixtape included tracks from Riva Starr, Joris Voorn, Heldens’ alias HI-LO, Sander van Doorn, and more. He’s even offering the mixtape series for free download on his website.

Hiding in the mixtape was a brand new track from Heldens called “Ibiza 77 (Can You Feel It),” which is finally out in its entirety. The track fits in perfectly with this new music Heldens has been drawing inspiration from with its funky, timeless vibe. The producer explained his reasoning for the number 77 in the mixtape’s description:

“Why the number ’77’ in the name? Well in my eyes the year 77 was the period nowadays ‘electronic’ dance music was born and from there it immediately conquered dance floors all over the world. Think of Donna Summer ‘I Feel Love’, think of CHIC, ABBA, Kraftwerk… All this music is timeless and new generations (like me, born in ’95 :p) will always keep rediscover this music, people will always want to dance…”

Stream the full track on Spotify below, and check out the first mixtape on Soundcloud.

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