Disco sucks. Or does it? Ask emerging Los Angeles-based selector Colby J., and you might find yourself in for a much-needed house history lesson.

Embracing the sonic sensibilities of the seventies and eighties, Colby J. offers up a flawless, ultra-funky hour-long mix cleverly titled “Disco Demolition” as his first major solo project since his former group, The Interns’, recent disbandment.  The mixtape’s name is a sly jab at the Chicago White Sox’s ridiculously sophomoric attempt to fill seats in 1979 by offering fans discounted entrance to the ballpark if they bought a disco record with them. On Disco Demolition Night, the records were thrown onto the field, collected and detonated, which ultimately resulted in droves of fans storming their own field and forcing the White Sox to forfeit the game. The moral of the story: nobody disses disco, nobody.

For his first solo mixtape release, Colby harkens to his funk roots, driving through a crate of tunes that includes disco-inspired cuts from nearly every decade since the 1970’s. Pairing Soulwax with The Bee Gees, LCD Soundsystem with James Brown and The Gibson Brothers, Colby J. navigates a span of nearly forty years of impeccably curated dancefloor gems in one hour.

Weaving together tunes from Tiga, Holy Ghost, The Black Madonna and more, Colby J. dives deep into modern dance music’s derivatives on his new “Disco Demolition” mixtape.

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