The way that Lorin Ashton maintains a bass music identity that exists concurrently in the underground while also being globally iconic may always be a mystery. Some insight, however, may be found in the method and timing of his Bassnectar releases.

Mere days after Ashton shared two new tracks from his forthcoming Reflective EP, the Bay-area producer caught his army of “bass head” fans off-guard with an unexpected release. The track, “Was Will Be,” featuring the soaring vocals of long-time collaborator Mimi Page, came in the late hours of June 13.

In many ways, the track pays homage to the anthemic style of their previous creative endeavors, drawing on the smooth, angelic vocal qualities of both “Butterfly” and “Breathless.” However, this floating composition ventures to create new sonic layers calling on the “reflective.” That is, like the duality of all things, it reflects both the hard and heavy with the lighter, more soft side of life.

Reflective, Pt. 1 is set for release Friday, June 16, featuring collaborations with G Jones, Dorphex Bros, Born Music, and Macntaj. The second part of the project is anticipated to be out later this year.

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