Ever on a mission to combine the elements of hip-hop and dance music, versatile trio Splitbreed dropped their new album, The Free Energy Store, on May 1.

The album blends together a variety of electronic music genres, with tracks featuring dubstep, house, and trap stylings.

Over the years, Taui, Kalani, and Bg3nius have collaborated with a range of producers including Pegboard Nerds, Hellberg, Razihel, Excision, and more. They’re known for their high-energy hip-hop vocals and adding heat to anything their name graces.

The album kicks off with a groovy, piano-driven track produced by Rogue called “Get Down.” The track serves as the perfect introduction to the album, showing listeners just how diverse of a musical journey they’re in for.

From there, the album takes a darker turn with the bass house ambiance of “Get Deep.” The following tracks, “Drippin” and “Lose Control,” lean more heavily into the hip-hop/trap side of the trio.

“Pain” enlists the talents of Jonate and Le Castle Vania. Though it’s bass-heavy, it’s an emotional track and is a clear album standout.

“Prey” takes a heavier twist with intense dubstep beats and then dials it back again with closing track “Better Days.”

Overall, The Free Energy Store is a showcase of Splitbreed’s versatility as artists and their willingness to stand against the electronic music industry’s cliches and genre boundaries.

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