Less than 48 hours after the release of RL Grime’s first solo production of the yearEnschway & LUUDE have already flipped it on its head. This remix is a unique take on RL Grime’s cinematic and explosive “Reims” with two drastically different drops. LUUDE describes the first as “super weird,” but says it’s followed by “an epic goosebumps last drop.” Certainly the first drop is weirder than many broken beat dance tracks released today, but that’s what makes it so interesting and fun.

Tuned percussion erratically blasting through quick stops and starts keeps the energy high. In this part of the track, listeners hear similarities to the experimental trap put out by Josh Pan, Eprom, or X&G. As LUUDE describes, the second drop is conducive to goosebumps and teeth grinding, with heavy bass and a warm epic synth blanketing all frequencies. As one of the first remixes of RL Grime’s “Reims,” the Enschway & LUUDE version delivers with a dynamic sonic journey.

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