Hailing from Stockholm, foreverandever has effectively crafted a tune that’s worthy of a rambunctious evening out on the town, or a chill night at home, occasionally popping and locking across the kitchen floor. How’s this possible, you ask? Well, a combination of punchy percussion and progressive synths provide enough oomph and energy to induce rowdiness. Conversely, highly engaging and memorable lyrics from Summer Heart, whether they’re untreated, pitched down, or pitched up, offer up the proper laid-back vibes that make this tune approachable for all of us homebodies, as well.

David and I got together in my studio last year. We played around with some synthesizers, had some good talks and made some good songs. “so guud” is one of them. I am super happy about it! For me “so guud” and the other songs of the upcoming EP is about attraction. The tensions and releases when meeting someone new. The line “I need you around. Need you in my space. Make me new.” sums it up pretty good. – foreverandever

While I debate whether or not I should head out for an epic night on the town this week, you should cruise over and follow foreverandever and Summer Heart on Facebook. You won’t want to miss future releases from either of these stellar, budding artists.

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