After months of hype, London-based producer Jon Gooch, better known as Feed Me, has released his latest EP on mau5trap. Existential Crisis marks the producer’s on mau5trap since 2013, and the wait was worth it.

Feed Me has been busy in 2017, appearing on tour with deadmau5 this spring while finishing up the new EP. The Canadian producer even premiered the EP’s title track on his BBC Radio 1 residency earlier this month.

Existential Crisis is an otherworldly experience, highlighted by flaring electro house melodies and heavy-hitting bass. The collection is a masterpiece and is incredible to listen to from start to finish — not unexpected, given the level of respect Feed Me has garnered within the electronic community. It flows seamlessly through different facets of Feed Me’s talents, from electro to dubstep and everything in between.

The producer says Existential Crisis represents combining techniques and equipment, and bridges a transitional period in his life:

The EP encompasses five pieces of music and artwork. In coming back to mau5trap to release, time feels like a flat circle in a positive way, and it’s exciting to work again with such a unique label that stands for individualism. It’s music to dance and forget about things for a short time while the world burns around us. It served as a precursor to touring with Joel on the lotsofshowsinarow tour, where I extended how I perform live and got constantly inspired by new music, new technology and new artistic opportunity. I find it important to constantly deconstruct, re-evaluate or reinvent myself or my surroundings, so with this EP and tour complete I take lessons and begin the next crisis.

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