Chris Schambacher is coming in clutch with three versions of his new song “My World” as well as a remix. Instead of keeping a few edits secret for his live sets, Chris decided it was only right to give fans a chance to grab all three versions he had on his computer. Released through Last Arrival Records, “My World” is a sensational record, no matter which one you choose to play.

The first is the most unique, expressing a sound that is all electronic, but doesn’t really adhere to anything that needs labeling. It’s cool, calm and oh so smooth. Next comes two house versions, with one being a bit more future house and the other having a bit more prog flavor to it. As we said before there is also a remix of “My World” that comes from Glenn Morrison. He continues the four-to-the-floor grind with his take that closes out the EP with some proper vibes.

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