Steamrolling through 2017 with their third release of the year “Hey Mamama,” Chad Cisneros and David Reed (better known as Tritonal) put their mark on dance music. Sampling “Sunchyme,” an original ’80s house track by Dario G, the duo effectively meld the titular vocal line throughout their song. Egressing their original progressive trance style, Tritonal have recently set their focuses on slower, lyrical melodies using their 2016 album “Painting With Dreams” as an transition into chillwave.

Off the bat, the track bears harmonious vocals, encouraging listeners to indulge in a ‘happy place’ and projecting the idea of perfect summer moments. Ironically enough, their audio/video bears clips of exotic animals in front of sunrises/sunsets. Taking a refreshing stance on the original single, Tritonal creates an up-beat, festival mainstage staple that’s bound to uplift listeners.

H/T: Billboard

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