Straying away from the electro-pop remixes The Chainsmokers first became known for, production duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have tackled the ‘EDM’ ladder to fame over the past five years with various remixes and releases of their own. These frat-boys turned into popular DJ heartthrobs now carry a handful of accomplishments, most recently with the release of their debut album, Memories…Do  Not Open, which will be accompanied by a headlining tour across North America.

A successor to their Collage EP, the duo have been slowly releasing singles from the new album like their latest: ‘The One’, a piano ballad with vocals from Drew which showcases the softer, more heartfelt side of the duo. The combination of the album name and several of the song titles allude to the idea of ‘young love’ and rosy nostalgia and reveal a warmer side of The Chainsmokers. In addition to Drew’s vocals, the album features a variety of credited vocalists like Emily Warren, Louane, Jhené Aiko, and Florida Georgia Line. Defying the barriers in dance music, The Chainsmokers take a dynamic approach with their album focusing on lyric heavy sing-alongs, and slow melodies.In honour of memories; a treat from your friends at Dancing Astronaut: 

Andrew Taggart

Young Drew Taggart

Alex Pall

…And a young Alex Pall. 

Stream the album below or get it on iTunes here.

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