The psychological concept of a “seven year itch” refers to the theory that, following seven years of a marriage, spouses may become restless within the confines of monogamy and likely to seek satisfaction elsewhere. The term, which is most popularly associated with the 1955 Marilyn Monroe film of the same name, is a notion which is easily applicable well outside of the structures of betrothal. Indeed, following seven years of consistent activity within any construct or discipline, individuals are likely itching to explore new avenues to avoid the shackles of stagnation.

In 2010, Pleasurekraft burst onto the scene with their seminal hit, “Tarantula.” The eerie tech house timbres of the benchmark track were unprecedented at the time, and remain thoroughly engrossing to this day. For many years, the harrowing jauntiness of “Tarantula” helped guide the pervasive sound of the Kraftek label, and of the duo itself.

Seven years later, Pleasurekraft have decided to scratch their longstanding itch. Ever the cinephiles, it is unsurprising that the act draws inspiration from Monroe’s classic film – particularly given their stylistic departure of the past several years. While the original style of “Tarantula” provided the driving force of Pleasurekraft’s sound in 2010, their sonic spouse was in dire need of a makeover in order to adapt into the duo’s dark techno character in 2017.

In the “7 Year Itch Rework” of “Tarantula,” the group integrate the haunting transposed vocals of their original masterstroke into the ominous musical character which catalyzes their modern passions. The revision evokes nostalgia, highlighting the best elements of the Pleasurekraft of yore. However, the retooling also excites in an entirely novel fashion, drawn from overpowering bass lines and umbral, spacious atmospheres.

While Pleasurekraft have shrouded their momentous rework largely in secrecy, its juxtaposition of old and new stylistic tendencies has reverberated profoundly with those they have deigned to grant access to the track. Carl Cox has made it a staple of his coveted post-Ibiza sets, performing it during his appearances at Ultra Music Festival and Time Warp. Adam Beyer, too, presented the rework during his set at Awakenings, providing his own succinct, but direct appraisal: “This remix is F.I.R.E.”

While the pomp of the aforementioned endorsements reiterates the magnitude of the remix, the piece ultimately speaks for itself. Astutely conceived and thoughtfully executed, the “7 Year Itch Rework” of “Tarantula” stands tall as Pleasurekraft’s most sinister release to date. Suffice it to say, we’re delighted that the duo did not abstain from indulging their urges with a deeply satisfying scratch.

The above remix will be released May 5 via the duo’s Kraftek imprint, and is available for preorder here. To celebrate the impending release, Pleasurekraft are giving away three signed, limited edition white vinyl pressings of the remix. Enter below for a chance to win.

Win a signed, limited edition white vinyl of Pleasurekraft's

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