Come 2017, one would be forgiven for thinking electronic music had descended into a state of choppy vocal hooks and polished Chainsmoker appropriation. Refreshingly, Swedish newcomer Klahr’s debut EP is far from that. One of the more illuminating examples we’ve seen emerge from Axtone Records outside of their respected club output for 2017, this four-track short player scales a range of different sounds and sides to the young Swedish producer’s talents.

While the namesake single ‘Dreaming Wild’ falls on the safer side of the watery electronic pop spectrum, tracks like “Koto” and “Humanize” speak for the more supple and fluid stand Klahr is taking on the electronic dance world, pushing upfront house and nostalgic indie dance vibes along the way. “Shinjuku Speed Dating” is the EP’s wild card, but ultimately casts a wide and satisfying net for his sound into the North American future bass world. This is not what we were expecting from the Axtone youngblood, but Dreaming Wild truly separates Klahr from the compeition at the early stages of 2017.

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